CrowdFlower Beginners Guide – Part 1

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The Beginners Guide to completing CrowdFlower Tasks – Part 1

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Beginners Guide to completing CrowdFlower Tasks

CrowdFlower tasks are very easy and simple things to do to earn even more money. Most of these tasks don’t take long at all to complete, and some you can keep repeating until they run out of work for you to do.


You can access CrowdFlower Task Wall by clicking the web link provided by the website you are on. For GPT King you can click here. Once you click this link, you will be taken to a page that looks similar to the picture below:

CrowdFlower Task List



Many of the tasks that are listed on the CrowdFlower Wall are considered to be “Mini Jobs. These mini jobs are usually very simple internet searches. They will ask you to go to a search engine, (usually Google) and enter a search term. After the term has been entered, the task will ask you to look for a specific result within the returned results. Answer the questions and click grey verify button, then if you entered the correct “code”, you can then click the blue “Submit” button. Below is what MOST of the mini jobs will look like when you open them:

CrowdFlower Task Example


There are usually 4 or 5 questions that need to be answered after the specified search result has been located.

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 1

Click the blue link. This will open Google (or sometimes Bing) in a new tab or window.

CrowdFlower  Task Walkthrough Step 2

Enter the phrase given into the text box on the search engine page

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 3

Find the result specified.

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 4

Follow the directions given.

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 5

Enter the position you found the result in within the returned results. If it was on the first page in the 3rd spot, you would enter 3 in the box.

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 6

COPY AND PASTE THE BLACK text located underneath the search result into this box. DO NOT copy and paste the GREEN URL.

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 7

Select Yes or No. There is no wrong answers. It’s a personal opinion needed.

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 8

Remember #5 up there in the instructions? This is where you use it. Enter the information asked for. This is your “Code” for proving you completed the task correctly.

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 9

Click this. If you got the “Code” right, it will say you have the correct “code”, and you may submit the task for credit. If you DON’T have the right “Code” you will need to enter the correct one before you can submit the task for credit. Click the blue “Submit” button in order to get credit for
your work.

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 10

Once submitted, you should get a message on the next screen that says this:

CrowdFlower Task Walkthrough Step 11

Go through each task carefully and slowly. The fist time you do these they will seem slow and bulky and not worth it, but as you do them more often you will get faster at them, and will be able to breeze through them.

Mini jobs cannot be completed more than one time. This means that some will let you do them once every 24 hours, some are bi-weekly, and some are even once a month. Mini jobs have no accuracy questions, I’ll get into accuracy in the next section.


“Casino” tasks are nicknamed this because they often have you looking for information on casino based websites. These tasks are released every day at a specific time, and they are pretty high paying. They are released in limited quantities, so you have to be quick to get into them.

“Casino” tasks are very similar to mini jobs, but without the “verify” button. Instead, there is a box that needs to be checked in order to verify you visited the right website. If a red box pops up and say “You need to visit the site by searching”, you haven’t visit the right website. It will go away when you have visited the right website and you can click the blue “Submit” button.

Sometimes even when you visit the right website, the red box will appear. Just go back to the search results and re-click the website you are supposed to visit. This usually does the trick, but you may have to do it several times to get it to take (it’s rare).


There are many other types of tasks that are offered, and each different task is usually a different job. These could be anything from listening to sound files, writing questions, answering questions, saying if questions are good or bad … the list is endless.

Read the instructions of the task carefully and thoroughly. This helps you familiarize yourself with what the task is asking you to do, and will help you maintain an good accuracy in order to keep working on the task.

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